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2018 Honda Clarity PHEV – Junk in the Trunk

The Clarity PHEV is no small car, but no minivan either.  However, it still has a large boot that can fit a surprising amount of junk.  I loaded it full without over packing (lots of little nooks and crannies left for smaller items).  I then moved everything over to the Volt without folding the seats down to give an idea of how large the trunk is. As a warning, the Clarity FCV and BEV have much less space in the trunk.

The verdict?  The Clarity holds a lot more in the trunk than the Volt does without going through the rear seats.  Despite the look of the lawn chairs sticking out, the trunk lid still closes cleanly. The Volt is packed up to the back of the seats and could fit everything but the cooler.

How does the pass through compare on the Volt vs the Clarity PHEV?  Let’s examine the Clarity PHEV first (other models do not have the pass through).

It isn’t very large.  The first picture has just the single seat folded and the other has a large pizza box and both seats folded.  The seat levers to release the seats are in the trunk by the hinge, you pull them straight out then pull the seat down.  They can be seen up above in the loaded trunk, the one on the right near the hinge on the inside top of the trunk.  As you can see, this isn’t very large and will be useful for boards, skis, etc.

We all know the huge advantage to hatchbacks is loading large items.  Does that hold true for the Volt?

No doubt, the Volt just barely swallows the 55″ Samsung TV, where the Clarity can’t manage to fit it.  I had to push both front seats forward in the Volt to get it to drop in, but the hatch was able to close.  I left a stroller in the trunk so it is sitting at an angle.

Can the TV fit sideways in the Clarity? Nope, but it comes so close, just 3 or 4 inches narrower and it would just slide in.

Taking a look at the rear seats, we can see just how large this car is in the rear.  With the driver’s seat set for me it has plenty of rear seat legroom.

But with it set all the way forward, the rear seat room is great, especially for installing child seats. Side by side with the seats adjusted back for me (32″ inseam).

A few additional pictures.

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  1. I did a check at the local car show. I compared sitting in the rear middle seat of a few cars. I noticed the Ford Fusion was okay with room but my hair brushed against the top. The 2018 Camry and Clarity felt similar and possibly the Clarity had slightly more headroom. I’m about 5’10”, so that represents the average US male height. Sitting in the Volt, I think you have to be less than 5’7″ to fit in the middle location since my head pressed against the roof. It’s amazing how big the rear seating is on the Clarity.

  2. A Tesla will hold that big screen box. I know it for a fact. But it costs twice as much as Clarity. So having the box delivered will cost less in the long run. LOL

  3. Hi,
    Can I ask you about armrest at rear seat? I paid attention that it looks like broken with strange , not straight angle.
    Not only at yours’ car, but others Honda Clarity too. Or it by design?


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