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Debadging a Honda Clarity


The Honda Clarity has a few more badges than I care for, and the front one was on a bit crooked and it annoyed me, so I removed the passenger and driver side fender badges.  The process is simple and only need a few tools.

  • Hair Dryer
  • Knife or prying tool (be careful of sharp edge)
    • Better to use Floss instead of a knife!
  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Soft rag

The process is straight forward.  Heat the badge area of the car holding the hair dryer about 4 inches away from car (depending on power) in a side to side motion to heat the badge and adhesive.  Don’t hold in one spot too long to avoid damage to the paint.


Put a piece of posterboard or thin rag under the prying tool and start at one corner.  Be sure to lift the corner out and be careful the pry tool doesn’t push into the paint anywhere.


Once started, put the pry tool down and pull the badge off gently with your hands.  If the adhesive needs to be heated more, switch back to the hair dryer.  With the adhesive warm it will pull off much easier.


Right before the badge pulls off, the back edge might push into the paint, try to prevent that from happening by prying up the last edge or sliding a piece of posterboard under it (or folded piece of paper).

Clean area with a clean terry cloth or microfiber towel wet with a small amount of alcohol.


Repeat on the opposite side so the car isn’t lopsided looking.  I might not have bothered had my badge been parallel to the ground instead of sloping awkwardly downward following the line of the car instead.


Should you want to, all the rear badges should be similar, with an exception possibly being the H badge on the center rear (not sure on that one, but sometimes those have alignment markings or holes).  I am leaving rear badges alone for now.

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