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Tesla July 2018 Market Share (Plug-in)

July was a hot month for more than just the weather.  Tesla blazed through more than 16,000 vehicles, and almost all those were the Model 3 (estimated at 14,250 by Inside EVs). That is a lot of cars, even when looking at gas powered cars.  How much of the plug in market is that?  I like graphical examples.


As you can see from the above chart, most of the Market was the Model 3.  Anything else seems a little pathetic in comparison, and this is in a month where they had trouble delivering the volume, and that is only going to increase over the next few months.  For the compliance/low volume cars since the July numbers aren’t available yet I just carried forward the previous month, but in reality sales of those has most likely decreased (like for the BMW models it has), and the numbers are so small they will only make minor differences.

On the chart I marked a few points.  It is interesting to note that about 28 models only made up a small fraction of the sales, and these haven’t changed month year to date.  I labeled these compliance or low volume cars.  I don’t mean compliance as a bad word, only that they don’t have any plan to increase the sales of those cars.  The next few cars could fall into that category as well, but I separated them out since those few models make up about the same sales as the low volume cars.

When you consider Tesla cars, the 3 was almost half of the entire plug-in market share, and if you add in the Model S they make up more than half of the July market share.  This is going to be more skewed into August, and especially September which will surely be an end of quarter push for S and X again.


Looking at battery only electric vehicles and the picture is very skewed to Tesla.  The i3 with its very modest sales sells a volume similar to the 8 models below it, then the Leaf or Bolt EV sell similar to everything i3 or below.  However, these charts make it obvious how paltry the sales of those cars really are.  Tesla literally owns the EV market in the US.  Sales of other EVs don’t seem to change much in July (Hard to know about S/X until end of the quarter).  It will be interesting to see what happens through the rest of the year.

The real EV Revolution started late this spring/early summer.  It will continue now for some time and will be joined by some bigger models later this year.  Those won’t equal the sales of Tesla, but they will dwarf everything that has come before.  Tell me what you think in the comments.

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