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3 Great EV Products for the New Year

I hope everyone is having a safe and happy New Year’s eve. If you are looking for some great products to show your love for your EV I have some great links for you.

JuiceBox Pro 40 A

The JuiceBox Pro 40 A is a higher power charger of up to about 10 kW. Most vehicles won’t actually support that rate, but a few of the long range models are are making it available.

This charger is a great value supporting WiFi on the JuiceNet that allows you to configure your charger and view statistics. This is the best value in smart charging available.

There is also a 32 A version for significantly less if you don’t need 10 kW charging, and there are a variety of cord options. Be sure to pick the one that fits your needs, plugged or hardwired.

Once you have an L2 charging cord you will never want to go back to L1. This unit can charge up to 40 miles range per hour, although for most vehicles it will be more like 25 miles range per hour. For reference, L1 is about 4 miles range per hour (in good weather).

Requires professional installation

J1772 Holster/Wrap

If you have an EVSE installed at your place, you might need a holster for your J1772 head. This one has a lot of great reviews. I use a 3d printed one myself, but if I didn’t have my printer I would pick up one of these.

If you are interested in the 3d printed one I would be happy to print one out of PETG or ABS and mail one to you for $20 in the US. See contact link above, it looks like:

TuxMat All Weather Floor Mats

These are highly rated high quality mats available for your EV (or any car). They are 3 layer, laser fit, and have better coverage than the factory mats. Here is a sample set for the Honda Clarity PHEV

TuxMat Search on Amazon

Users rave over these with how well they fit, especially the coverage in the driver’s foot-well area, which is much better than the factory mats.

If I didn’t already have a set of factory all weather floor mats for my Clarity PHEV, I would buy these in an instant.




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