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Maintaining Optimal Tire Pressure for EVs

Maintaining proper tire pressure is essential for any electric vehicle (EV) driver. While it’s important to maintain the right level of tire pressure in all cars, it’s especially essential for EVs, as tires play a major role in the overall performance of an electric car.

First, properly inflated tires help to maximize an EV’s range. The right amount of air pressure allows the tires to roll with less friction over the road, reducing the amount of energy required to push the car forward. The less energy that is wasted on rolling resistance, the more energy can be used to power the car’s electric motor. This helps EV drivers achieve longer ranges and improved efficiency.

Second, proper tire pressure also helps improve an EV’s handling and cornering performance. When tires are underinflated they become soft, causing them to deform when cornering which can lead to reduced grip and slower cornering speeds. On the other hand, overinflated tires lead to an overly stiff ride which can reduce comfort levels for passengers and make for a bumpy ride.

Third, maintaining proper tire pressure also helps maximize the life span of EV tires. Since an EV’s motor produces a high level of torque, it places more wear and tear on its tires than a vehicle with an internal combustion engine (ICE). With proper tire pressure, EVs will last longer before needing a replacement set.

Finally, keeping tire pressure at its optimal level will help keeps operating costs lower in EVs due to their reliance on electricity rather than gasoline or diesel fuel. By making sure your electric car’s tires are properly inflated you’ll be able to maximize your vehicles range per charge which can lead to significant savings over time.

I recommend getting a tire pressure gauge such as this one and keeping it in your glovebox. Cheap and great insurance to keep your tires properly maintained.

Overall, it is crucial for every EV driver to make sure their tires are properly inflated in order get optimal performance and longevity out of their cars. Properly maintained tires not only improve safety but they can also help save money in fuel costs by maximizing an electric car’s range per charge. Check your driver’s door jamb for the sticker with recommended tire pressures for your car. Check whenever temperatures change significantly in the fall or summer.

Source includes content from: Open AI 2.0, Aug 3. 2020

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