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I am an avid photographer and electric car fan. I grew up in Wyoming and moved to Iowa for work. I am a software engineer by day and a family man by night.  I have a passion for technology.

My love for electric cars comes in part from my electrical engineering background, but bottom line is electric cars are just better in my eyes.  Low RPM torque, low maintenance, clean, and quiet.  I grew up driving Nitromethane RC cars, and once Li-ion batteries gained a hold there was no reason to drive those any more.  They were stinky, never ran right (especially at high elevations) and were expensive to run.  Electric obviously has some range shortfalls, which is an issue Li-ion can fix for real cars, just as it did for the model cars.

Bottom line is I love cars, I won’t judge you for driving a gas car, but just know that I prefer electric and that will be the focus of this site.  I would rather keep this site factual as much as I can, some other sites post intentionally conflicting pieces to get more clicks.  I will avoid that when I can, but of course some bias from my own background will creep in.  I will try to keep this at a minimum.

I have holdings in TSLA and NIO as well as some related commodities like SQM, and others.

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